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MS WORD 2007 Skill Test

1.  Which among the following methods would you select when you want to add protection to parts of a template?
Ans:  Go to the Developer tab, click on Properties in the Controls group and then click any of the Locking options in the Content Control Properties dialog box.

2. Which of the following is/are true about phishing?
Ans: All if the above
3. This question is based upon the figure shown below
In some cases, when lists are combined into one "List," the formatting is not updated. Refer to the picture given above. Which among the following options should be used to update this formatting? 
Ans: D

4. Which among the following charts do not have axes?
Ans: Doughnut charts

5. Microsoft named two styles that work in Word 2007 as both character and paragraph types as being ______ styles:
Ans: Linked

6. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
Ans: It ensures that the text is not obscured by binding.

7. With the help of which view will the Watermark not be seen?
Ans: Web Layout view

8.This question is based upon the figure shown below
How will the Message Bar alerts be enabled as shown in the given picture?
Ans: Select Word Options from the Microsoft Office Button. Click on Trust Center, then click Trust Center Settings, and then click Message Bar.

9. Which among the following is not a Bookmark option to sort the list of bookmarks in the document?
Ans: Author

10.This question is based upon the figure shown below Why is the "Different First Page" option used in the Page Setup dialog box as shown in the given picture?
Ans: This option allows you to remove the Page Number from the first page.

11. State whether true or false: Once a bullet is removed from the "Bullet Library" and it is no longer available in the "Document Bullets" area, the bullet cannot be added back to the Bullet Library.
Ans: False

12. This question is based upon the figure shown below Which of the following types of charts are not supported by either Lines or Bars, as shown in the picture?
Ans: Area charts

13. Which among the following features could be used to create a connection to a Shared Network folder?
Ans: Map Network Drive

14.Edit tracking changes are typically formatted in the following manner:(1)deletions—red strikethroughs, (2) additions—green and underlined, and (3) formatting changes are made bold in almost any other desired color. Where in Word 2007 could you set your own custom formatting options for tracking changes?
Ans: Select the Review ribbon and then select the triangle by Track Changes. In the drop-down menu, select "Change Tracking Options" and then set your formatting options in the Track Changes Options dialog box.

15. How will you insert text boxes for a printed form?
Ans: Select the Insert tab, in the Text group, click on Text Box and then select Draw Text Box.

16. To enter a symbol or special character into your document (to where the cursor is located), which of the following methods could you employ in Word 2007?
Ans: Open the Insert ribbon. Click Symbol in the Symbols group. A menu will appear with a small selection of symbols. If you don't see the symbol or character you'd like to insert, click More Symbols. Choose the special character (or symbol) that you want and then click Insert and click Close.

17. You are editing a figure using the Drawing Tools > Format options. Which among the following Shape Fill options in the Shape Styles group adds a solid color and transparency to a shape?
Ans: More Fill Colors...

18. State whether true or false: When you save a document as a Web page, the textures and gradients are saved as JPEG files and the patterns are saved as GIF files.
Ans: True

19. Which among the following options is the reason of text deletion at the insertion point when you type a document?
Ans: The "overtype mode" is turned on in Word options.

20. What is meant by Enhanced ScreenTips? 
Ans:  Enhanced ScreenTips are larger windows that display more descriptive text than a Screen Tip and can have a link to a Help topic.

21. This question is based upon the figure shown below Refer to the given picture. Which of the following Line Numbers should be used when each page has to begin with the number 1?
Ans: Restart Each Page

22. Which keyboard shortcut could be used to switch to Draft View?

23. State whether true or false: The "Add Assistant" shape option in a SmartArt graphic is available only if an organization chart layout is chosen.
Ans: True

24. Which view(s) could be used to view the Equation placeholders in the Document Views group?
Ans: All of the above

25. State whether true or false: Any changes that are saved to "Normal.dotm" will be applied to the documents that you create in the future.
Ans: True

26. State whether true or false: Changing the Author property in the Document Information Panel of an existing document has no effect on the User name setting in the Word Options dialog box.
Ans: True

27. How will you set the default font so that every time you open Microsoft Word it will use the settings that you had selected?
Ans: Select the Home tab, and then click the Font Dialog Box Launcher. Select the font style and size. Click on Default... and then click Yes.

28. Which of the following line-spacing options sets fixed line spacing that Word does not adjust?
Ans: Doubled

29. How will you change the author name in an existing document?
Ans: All of the above

30. State whether true or false: Microsoft Office programs store some additional information within the digital signature automatically that might not be visible in the current view document.
Ans: True

31. Which among the following options could be used to turn off the Office Clipboard?
Ans: All of the above

32. What does the command "Winword.exe /f MyDocument.docx" mean?
Ans: This command instructs Word to start and immediately open a file named MyDocument.docx.

33. Which among the following is an invalid character to include in a file name?
Ans: All of the above

34. State whether true or false:
Gridlines do not print when a document is printed.
Ans: True

35. Which keyboard shortcut inserts a hyperlink?

36. Which among the following wildcards should be used to select any single character?
Ans: ?

37. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
Refer to the given image. Which option should be selected to convert a professionally formatted equation into an equation on one line?
Ans: C

38. Which of the following is not a Content Control?
Ans: Chart

39. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
Ans: Numbering

40. Which among the following is a correct way to make your file "Read-only?"
Ans: Click "Save As" from the Microsoft Office Button. Click on Tools and then click General Options. Select the Read-only recommended check box. Click OK. Click on Save.

41.  Which among the following options should be used to start a bulleted list automatically?
Ans: Type * (asterisk) and then press spacebar or the Tab key.


Which of the following can be the reason for the appearance of the red X, as shown in the picture?
Ans: All of the above

43. State whether true or false:
ASCII-formatted text contains no formatting information such as bold, italic, or fonts.
Ans: True

44.  State whether true or false:
New text animation effects can be applied in Microsoft Word 2007.
Ans: False

45. Which among the following options should be used to number the cells in a table?
Ans: Select the table cells that need to be numbered. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click on Numbering.

46. Which of the following options repeats a table heading on subsequent pages?
Ans: Repeat Header Rows

47. Which keyboard shortcut could be used to check the spelling of a text file?
Ans: F7

48. Which among the following is not true regarding the use of a pie chart?
Ans: A pie chart should be used when there are more than seven categories.

49. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
Refer to the given picture. Which of the following options turns off Enhanced ScreenTips but keeps the ScreenTips still visible?
Ans: B

50. Unlike the other types of styles (paragraph, character, linked, and table), predefined list styles are available when you first create a document in Word 2007.
Ans: False

51. This question is based upon the figure shown below
What is the maximum number of columns that can be created in the Columns dialog box as shown in the picture?
Ans: 13

52.  This question is based upon the figure shown below 
Refer to the given image. In Picture1, axes appear on the left side. Which setting should you use to make them appear on the right side, as shown in Picture2?
Ans: Select the Axis Options tab in the Format Axis dialog box. Set the Axis labels: field to High.

53.  Which of the following two paragraphs is/are true for Word 2007?
(1)To show or hide formatting marks in your editing markup — on the Home ribbon, in the Paragraph group, click the Show/Hide button.
(2) The Show/Hide button will not hide all the formatting marks in the document if you selected those marks that are to be displayed at all times (such as paragraph marks, tab characters, hidden text, optional hyphens, object anchors, or spaces). To turn off any or all of these selected formatting marks, follow this procedure: Click the Microsoft Office Button and then click Word Options. Then Click Display. Under "Always show these formatting marks on the screen," clear the check boxes for any formatting marks that you do not want to show at all times in your documents.
Ans: Both (1) and (2)

54. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
In the given picture, the "Washout" option has been selected. What purpose does it serve?
Ans: It lightens the picture so that it does not interfere with the text.

55. The default installation of Word 2007 includes several built-in character styles. Which of the following is NOT one of the default, built-in character styles:
Ans: Special Emphasis

56. What steps should be followed to replace a shape with other shape?
Ans: Select the shape to be changed. Select the Format tab; use the "Change Shape" button in the Shape Styles group.

57. Just as in Word 2003 or prior Word versions, the default standard view for Word 2007 is the Draft view (and is still also called the Normal view in Word 2007):
Ans: False

58. This question is based upon the figure shown below 
What is the purpose of the "Demote" button as shown in the diagram?
Ans: It increases the level of a selected bullet or a shape.

59. Which feature(s) should be selected in order to find and remove hidden data and personal information in Office documents?
Ans: Document Inspector

60.Which keyboard shortcut is used to make the text size smaller?

61.  Which among the following options will you use to add a command to the Quick Access Toolbar?
Ans: All of the above

62. Which option(s) should you select to remove a chart or axis title from a chart?
Ans: To remove an axis title, select the Layout tab. In the Labels group, click on Axis Titles, click the type of axis title, and then click None.

63.Which among the following macro settings is meant for developers only?
Ans: Trust access to the VBA project object model.

64. State whether true or false:
A building block can be added to as many galleries as you want.
Ans: True

65. Which of the following is/are true about phishing?
Ans: It is an online fraud technique used by criminals to lure users into disclosing their personal in

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